Mighty Mini Cane Machine with new Cracker Roller

  • Solid SS304 Diamond Grip Rollers, Juice Bin and Micro Filter
  • Smallest Dimension of all Mini Cane Juicers on the market
  • 1 HP Motor delivers strong crushing capability for peeled and unpeeled canes.
  • Cane crush canes up to 5cm in diameter with 1 litre per minute or more output





Fresh Juice

High Quality

The David’s Mighty Mini Cane Machine is one of our most popular sugarcane juicing machine models from the David’s Cane Machines Select ranges.  It is our smallest and lightest (only 36.5 kg) model, yet it is powerful and Mighty as per its name suggests.

This super portable mini small business / family model is ideal to for home use, parties, social events or small business cane juice sales.  It can produce up to 1.6 litres per minute of sugarcane juice and can squeeze peeled or unpeeled sugarcanes up to a whopping 5 cm in diameter.


MightyMini Cane Machine Dimension:

Width: 31 cm

Length: 38 cm

Height: 36 cm

Weight: 37 kg










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